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Piano Movers

Piano Moving Services in Your Local Area

iStock_000000646260XSmall-1_opt_1_If you are in need of affordable piano moving services, enter your zip code and some basic information in the quote form above and you could receive up to 6 quotes in the next 20 minutes, depending upon your location.

Your piano is one of your most valuable possessions, and our licensed and bonded piano movers treat every piano like it’s their own. Pianos are extremely heavy, and should only ever be moved by professionals with insurance and the proper equipment. Don’t throw out your back (or worse) because you wanted to save a few bucks.

Our professional piano movers protect your piano from bumps, scuffs, scrapes and more during the move by wrapping your piano in blankets and often times packing it into a moving crate. There are many ways to move a piano, and you can always work out the specifics with the piano moving company that you choose for the job.

Take the measurements on your piano before requesting quotes, to make sure you aren’t caught off guard when the Piano Moving Services request this information. It also helps you confirm that your piano will fit at it’s new place of residence.

Our piano moving professionals realize that temperature control is an important part of the piano moving process. Pianos can be damaged by sudden changes in temperature and humidity, so for long distance piano moves, make sure you hire a piano moving service that uses cooling systems in their trucks to maintain optimum temperature. If the move is very quick, this is usually not an issue.

Piano Moving Services in your local are waiting to provide free quotes on moving your piano. With just the most basic of information, we can provide you with quotes from up to 6 piano moving services in your area.