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Moving Trucks

How to Find & Load Them

Moving is definitely a task that requires careful planning and organization. If you are all set with your move; have all your belongings packed and labeled, then it is time you book your moving truck to transport your belongings to the new place. It is also time you follow a few quick tips to load the truck with your possessions in a proper manner and avoid any damages.

If you want to be efficient about your move you can detail the inventory as to what lies in which carton box. Labeling the packed boxes will ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. Do a quick recheck on all the belongings packed and note the items as you get them loaded.

One good thing to bear in mind here is to arrange all the similar sized boxes together. This will quicken the moving process and also ensure that your belongings don’t get damaged during the transit.

When you start getting the truck loaded, you should start with the largest or the heaviest items. Things like a modular kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine, TV screen or a home theatre will take more space and also require more than one person to move. Such items should be loaded first so that they can be kept against the wall of the truck.Moving Van

While arranging the cargo on the truck, you must make sure that you keep the items in an upright position and also balance the items appropriately so that the weight is distributed.

Use of furniture pads is recommended to ensure their safety. If you do not own them, you can rent them from truck rental agent. With furniture pads, you can easily slide the heavy pieces of cargo in the truck without fear of any damage.

Once you have loaded your electronics and heavy items, you should start loading the longer items such as the mattresses, long mirrors, sofas and tables. You can place these items against the long walls of the truck so that you optimally utilize the space. It is recommended that you use mattress covers or sofa covers to prevent any damage.

Roll-up the carpets and place them under the heavier pieces of furniture like the sofas or tables. This way, you can save the space.

Keep the lighter boxes over the heavy boxes. For the fragile items, ensure that you stack them in a way that they don’t move while being transported.