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So you have decided to move and do not have much time to finalize on your mover and hence proceeding with the first mover you could reach. By taking ample precautions you can save not only on your pocket but also reduce the scope of damage to your material.

iStock_000007832185XSmall_opt_1The very basic mistake while hiring a mover is not comparing the estimates from the many movers in the locality. This process helps you to understand the prevailing market prices. The estimation must be a genuine one and not just done over the phone as one may underestimate or overestimate the amount of furniture; the house or office space holds. The best way to get an estimate is to invite the mover to the space that has to be cleared to let the mover have a clear picture as to what he has to transit and how much should he charge you. Often movers are open to bargain and also offer a discounted bill when you have a personal level deal with the employee of the mover.

Proceed and make sure that the mover is a reputed company. A simple way to find if the company you hired, is reputed or not is to observe the activities of the moving employees. Also, any reputed company will give utmost importance to ‘gratuity’. The company offers a fair price that is not thousands of dollars cheaper than the rest of your estimates, If the company refuses to do an in-home estimate or asks for payment for entire job before even transiting the material then the Company sure will land you in trouble.

Finalize with the reasonable estimate and not with the cheapest mover as there is every chance that the present estimate he is making now can pile up to become a fat bill with hidden costs and in worst case scenarios, the mover can withhold your belongings until you pay the price he demands which could be a lot more higher than the other potential movers estimates.

Plan and consult the mover much prior to the date of your move to avoid going with any mover available when you can get the best deal with a quality mover. The Movers are flooded with enough engagements during summer and hence there are more chances of getting good deals in the other seasons or during mid-month. Another thumb rule while getting your furniture transited is to insure your belongings which would act as a cushion if there is any damage.