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Tips when choosing a moving company

 So you’ve decided to move and don’t have much time to finalize on a well researched mover, so you end up hiring the first mover you could reach. You’ve already made your first mistake. By taking ample precautions you can save not only your pocketbook, but your belongings and sanity.

The very basic mistake while hiring a mover is not comparing estimates from multiple movers in the locality. This process helps you understand the prevailing market prices. The quotes must be genuine and not just done over the phone, as one may underestimate or overestimate the amount of furniture or any other number of details. Never hire a mover that refuses to visit your house beforehand and LOOK at your belongings. This is the first and probably most important rule.iStock_000017950583XSmall_opt

The best way to get a proper estimate is to invite the mover to the locale that needs to be moved and let them have a clear picture as to what needs to be packed and moved. Let them calculate transit costs, labor expenses, insurance requirements, and finally how much he or she will charge you. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Movers are often times open to bargaining, and you never know how much of a discount you can get on the final bill unless you ask. The worst they could say is, “No”.

Proceed and make sure that the mover is a reputable, licensed, bonded, and insured moving company. A simple way to find if the company you are looking to hire is reputable or not is to contact the local Better Business Bureau in your area, as well as the Chamber of Commerce.

Any reputable company will not have a problem giving you their credentials to make this vetting process easier. You should consider it a red flag if you get resistance to questions about their business standing. Again, if the company refuses to do an in-home estimate or asks for payment for entire job before even packing the material, you are almost guaranteed to land in hot water. Never pay for a job before your belongings have been delivered and onloaded from the truck. And never let the truck leave your driveway before you have all important credentials gathered, as well as your Bill of Lading for the transit.

In general, you should hire the company with the most reasonable estimate AND the most legitimate business history, and don’t hire the cheapest mover, as there is every chance that the present estimate he is making now can pile up to become a huge bill with hidden costs. In some worst case scenarios, the mover can withhold your belongings until you pay the price he demands, which could be a lot higher than all other estimates combined.

Plan and consult with your Moving Company professionals at least one month before the move date and you will be safest. In general, you should avoid going with just any old mover that happens to be available when you call. Get the best deal with a quality mover.

As a bonus piece of information, movers are flooded with hundreds of engagements during summer; Hence, there are more chances of getting good deals in other seasons or during mid-month. Another good rule of thumb is — While getting your possessions moved, insure your belongings, which will give you a cushion if there is any damage.